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Laval Lip Liner Pencil - Plum Wine
  • lip liner
  • smooth khol pencil
  • laval
AKORD Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil Lips Lipliner Professional Lasting Lip Makeup 15 cm - 12-Piece
  • Colour: 12 assorted colours in a box
  • Easy to draw a delicate thin line
  • Material: Wood mixture
  • Length: approx. 15 cm
  • Style: Fashion (Package including 12x Lip Liner Pencil + 1 x Nail Art Striping Tape Case)
W7 Lip Twister Naughty Nudes Lip Liner Pencil-Very Nude by W7
  • Fine, soft Smudgable twist up pencil use to outline lips prior to applying gloss or lipstick
  • To achieve the perfect Pouty looking lips
Maybelline x Gigi Hadid Lip Liner 13 Taura 1.1g
  • Step 1. Define a Cupid's Bow: Draw an X at the top center of lips.
  • Step 2. Outline Outer Lips: Slightly over draw at your natural lip line.
  • Step 3. Contour Inside Lips: Softly use liner in your lip corners and center of lip curves.
  • Step 4. Fill: Start from the center of your lips and fill in with Gigi Hadid x Maybelline Lip Color.
  • More information to come.
Barry M Cosmetics Matte Me Up Liquid Lip Kit, Go To
  • Non-drying, ultra-long wearing formula is easy to apply and will leave lips with a gorgeously bold finish
  • Each kit comes with a Matte Liquid Lip Paint and Lip Liner
  • Reach pout perfection with the Matte Me Up Liquid Lip Paint and Liner
Dior Contour Couture colour, voluptuous care Lip Liner Bois de rose 463
  • That perfect finish becomes reality with a lip liner that is incredibly easy to use. It glides on with a clean, full line that enhances lip volume.
  • Dior Contour is about shades from satin to matte, that all match the large range of colours Rouge Dior. Used alone or associated with your lipstick, Dior Contour plumps the lips contour and improves the colour lasting for a perfect finish effect.
  • Start in the middle of the upper lip and draw a "V" shape on the Cupid's bow. Then define the contours starting at the center of the lips and gradually lightening until the corner. For more intense lipstick colour and to optimize hold, fill the inner part of the lips in with pencil.
  • Applicator Advantages: its built-in brush to blend lines and apply lipstick, as well as the sharpener.
  • Dior Contour Couture colour, voluptuous care Lip Liner Bois de rose 463
FIND - Lip Kit - Sweet Symphony (Lip Liner no.8 and Shiny Lip Fluid no.8)
  • Pack contains: 1 x Lip Liner + 1 x Lip Fluid
  • The Shiny Lip Fluid releases a vibrant colour that stays homogeneous throughout the day. It has a moisturizing effect and a creamy, not sticky texture
  • 95% of those who tested the Lip Fluid would recommend it to a friend
  • The lip liner has non transfer properties and a creamy melting texture
  • Create a perfectly enviable pout with a defining lip liner and a maximizing gloss
Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat Re-Shape & Re-Size Lip Liner - Iconic Nude - Full Size by CHARLOTTE TILBURY
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