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Maybelline SS24HR Lipstick Rose Dust 9ml
  • Micro-flex formula
  • Soft lips
  • Up to 24 hours wear
  • No-transfer
  • Non-drying
Maybelline Superstay 24 Hour Lipcolour - 185 Rose Dust
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Maybelline SuperStay 24 Hour Lipstick Rose Dust, 9ml details:

  • Micro-flex formula
  • Super soft lips
  • Up to 24 hours wear
  • No-transfer
  • Non-drying
SuperStay 24 hr lipsticks are BY FAR the best I have used. I've spent a fortune on expensive lipsticks in the past, and now I never stray from these. They have remarkable staying power, they don't smudge and they don't bleed. If you're looking to try a new brand, please give these a go - they really are fabulous.
This Maybeline 24hr super stay lipstick is a fantastic item, the colour is quite pale and therefore would suit most people. The lipstick come in two parts, a lipstick and a lip balm. The lipstick is first applied and aloud to completely dry, then you apply the lip balm. The product doesn't have a smell and feels smooth when applied to the lips. I found that the lipstick felt quite drying on the lips and really needed the lip balm applied to moisten the lips and make them feel moisturised. Maybeline claim the Super stay lip stick will last 24hr.I have applied the lipstick and kept it on for 12hr with no loss of colour, but as I always remove my make-up before bed I can't say for defiant that the lipstick would last the whole 24hr, but there again I have no reason to doubt this claim. If you your looking for a nice lipstick with staying power , then this Maybeline lipstick will suit your needs. It's five stars from me folks .
I'm so pleased that I can order this lipstick from amazon, as its my favourite colour. I've tried several places in Eastbourne recently, nobody seems to stock it at the moment. I've bought similar colours, but I haven't like them, so it's a waste of money. I do hope that maybelline doesn't discontinue this one.
This is definitely one of the best lipsticks I have ever owned, so good that I now have 2! It does last a lot longer than most lipsticks, not 24 hours like it claims but then that really is an unrealistic expectation unless you're not planning to move your mouth at all, and considering that most lipstick is used by women that seems a little unrealistic. The lipstick itself is applied with a cue tip style brush, which I prefer as you can be more precise in your application, and once dried it is set with a balm that is found on the other end of the stick. The setting balm is awesome! I didn't think it would do anything but it really does seal the lipstick in, instantly stopping any lipstick marks on cups and glasses. The overall effect is nice and subtle, lips feel soft and moisturised, and it lasts a lot longer than any other lipstick I have ever used, I love it.
I love this lipstick - it's genuinely one of the most hardworking lipsticks I've ever used and stays put for hours without needing constant reapplication. Firstly the glass test - 10 minutes after applying I tried drinking. A small amount of the lipstick transferred to the glass - a really small amount. Impressive.

The kiss test - children kisses - no transfer. I was impressed. They weren't - they like to have lip-marked cheeks!

Night on the town test - checked after 2 hours, was really impressed that the lipstick was still evident even after a few drinks. Reapplied, as you do. 2 hours later, virtually perfect, didn't bother to reapply.

Very impressive, lovely range of colours available.
Absolutely love this lipstick stays on all night I have this in all red and pink colours and have been using for years now friends all comment on how well it stays on love this colour and was gutted when they discounted it in shops but found it on here a lot cheaper too.
Have used this for years and really does stay put. Don't put on too thickly, blot if neccesary, wait till dry before adding gloss and make sure to use the gloss quite often. Don't chew your lips or it will go patchy!!
I gave this to my partner to test, and she tells me it lasts a long time, but also takes longer than a typical lipstick to apply as it consists of two parts (a colour and a sealer that feels a lot like lip balm), and you have to wait for the first coat to dry. If you don’t wait, it doesn’t work as well (so there appears to be a bit of a skill to this).

If you are the person who wants to leave the house looking immaculate and not bothering with your lips after that, then this may be the one. If you are the type who wants to be able to top up part way through a night out (for example) then you won’t be able to!

Overall though, pretty good if it meets your use expectations
Although, multi-containers containing two products is not unusual, I have never come across this kind of product before. At one end is colourless lip balm, which really does improve the feel and comfort of the mouth. At the other end is the liquid colourant with the usual tiny brush applicator. The colourant really does do what the advertisement claims. It stays on the lips for 24 hours, though it is easy enough to remove when necessary, using either warm soapy water or cold cream. The lipstick leaves no deposit on cups, glasses or a man's

I find this a valuable addition to the range of cosmetics already available. Inexpensive and warmly recomended.
Was dubious at first as most longlasting lipsticks I've tried have failed miserably but this is FANTASTIC. It goes on smoothly and the wand is easy to use to shape your lips. It stayed on all day even after eating and drinking. I left it on overnight to see if it was 24hrs and I reckon it would last much longer. Very happy customer.

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