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MAX FACTOR Lipfinity Lip Stick Make Up, Over 100 Different Colours To Choose From - (003 Mellow Rose, 1 PACK)
  • MAX FACTOR Lipfinity Lipstick - 003 Mellow Rose
  • siz e - 2.3ml + 1.9g
Max Factor Lipfinity - 070 Spicy
Max Factor Lipfinity Lipstick, 108 Frivolous
  • Rich colour that stays for up to 24 hours
  • The original lip colour - make a lasting impression
  • With an applicator for a defined, bold finish
  • A rich-colour lip gloss + a shiny top-coat lipstick
  • A moisturising balm for a smooth and luscious shine
Max Factor Lipfinity Colour & Gloss (Double Ended) Lipstick - 530 Luminous Petal
  • Double-ended lip colour and gloss
  • In pretty Luminous Petal shade
  • One end delivers a rich base coat
  • One end gives a multi-dimensional glossy top coat
  • Long-lasting multi dimensional shine--for up to 10 hours
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Max Factor Lipfinity Lipstick - 70 Spicy details:

  • Rich colour that stays for up to 24 hours
  • The original lip colour - make a lasting impression
  • With an applicator for a defined, bold finish
  • A rich-colour lip gloss + a shiny top-coat lipstick
  • A moisturising balm for a smooth and luscious shine
The original labial Lipfinity has reinvented to leave a lasting impression. Now with a new applicator for a deep color up to 24 hours. The moisturizing balm provides a glossy finish, while its new applicator ensures a defined and intense finish. Available in many subtle tones to more vibrant.
This shade of pink is ideal - bright and cheerful but not too glaring. You apply the colour coat first, which dries out your lips, then apply the gloss top coat. This makes it shiny. I apply it after breakfast and it lasts all day without needing to be topped up, even throughout food and drinks. It does not come off on your teeth either - a big bonus. Strongly recommended.
I really love Lipfinity lipsticks by Max Factor. They are so easy to use and they save time. I only need to put it on in the morning and it lasts all day so I am not having to constantly re-apply and it doesn't leave a stain on coffee cups. I like this colour (20 - Angelic) because it just adds a hint of colour and doesn't look too obvious.
I have been using this Lipstick for many years and adore it. It comes in two tubes. You paint on the colour with the sponge wand and let it dry for about a minute (less if you are in a hurry!). Then you put on a layer of the lip gloss over the top. This colour seems to look natural on me, it gives a good colour without being too obvious and the gloss over the top gives a great finish. The gloss coat will wear off after a few hours or after a meal, but the colour will still be there and you can always apply another coat of the gloss. I put this on in the morning and it just about lasts until I get home from work in the evening. If you really want to look perfect you may need to re-apply after lunch. You need make up remover to take it off. I tend to use my eye make up remover pads. One good thing is that once the liptick is dry it doesn't come off onto your clothes or on your teeth (giving you that very attractive (?) stained teeth look!)
One of the best long lasting lip sticks. Great colour and amazing staying power! Use waterproof eye makeup remover to get it off or baby oil. It's almost impossible to remove otherwise. Which actually for a lipstick is what I want!
This is my second Lipfinity purchase so I knew what to expect. In the box you get two stages, one lip colour and one lip balm/gloss stick. The lipstick has a small applicator wand which makes it easy to apply. The colour goes on well and you can layer it up if you want it stronger, however one coat is usually fine for me. It dries quite quickly and once dry you can use the supplied lipbalm or your own over it. The supplied lipbalm gives a gloss shine which is nice if you want that look but I usually prefer using blistex which dries matt and isn't sticky. I find you must use lipbalm throughout the day for it to last as it's very drying and if your lips dry out it can start to flake off badly. Otherwise it has great staying power and will last me throughout a working day. The Spiritiual colour is quite a subtle clay red shade which I like for daytime wear. I also have one in Passionate which is a stronger reddy brown, nice for autumn. I've had compliments on both!
I have been using thee lipsticks for a number of years. They are excellent for staying on a long time, i.e. most of the day but I was having trouble getting the colours I like from Boots or any other outlet. So, using Amazon I found I could get what I wanted.

Well done Amazon.
I have used this brand of lipstick for a long time and do not have any complaints on the product. It stays on most of the day and I only have to refresh early evening, if I feel the need. I ordered this particular one on the internet because I was looking for a plum colour. Needless to say, when I first opened it and saw it was more of a pink. I was so disappointed, initially. My disappointment did not last long though. Once I tried the colour, it is lovely. Not quite what I was looking for but really good just the same. It is not a bright pink but a very subtle, almost pinky tint, rather than a full blown vibrant pink. I just hope this colour is not discontinued at any time.
Have used this product for years, the tube lasts for ever so its good value. You can get a heavy red look for evenings or paint it lightly for a more natural daytime look. As this product lasts nearly all day be careful when applying to get an even spread as once applied its tricky to take off without make up remover.
The only thing I’d say is that when you first get the tube too much comes out on the wand, I prefer it further down the line when its less runny. Also be ware to do the lid up tightly and preferably store the tube upright as a precaution from leaks. It stays on all day!
I love lipsticks and I have lots at home,I always try new ones and rarely buy the same one once its finished. But since I tried them first time, it became one of my few "must have it", I am brunette with green eyes and this shade in particular looks so beautiful and it lasts so long! I have other three ones: 338 So irresistible, which is a lit darker than Essential Burgundy, 026 So delightful, a coral pink, and 146, Just bewithching, a more salmon coral. All of them gorgeous. Also tried 108 Frivolous, a deep-red one, but did not like it that much, too dark for me in my opinion.
These are the best lipsticks in the world. They come in some lovely colours and stay put all day long. I cant use anything else now and hope that they will continue to make them forever.

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